There was a time where I was creative by default. I soon realized, however, I was creative by design.

Growing up in Inglewood, CA, there was little space for creative thought. But it was the thing I was most drawn to. The design of the city, the music that was changing my life and art as an escape – all these were seeds planted at a young age that lay dormant until a life changing encounter.

I met some friends at California Baptist College (now CBU) and all of us had the inkling that together, we could do something big. 10 years later, multiple #1 songs written and awards won, and hundreds of thousands of miles travelled in countries large and small, we forged a deep friendship and I realized my path was set – use my creativity to bring life to the dreams of others.

For over 20 years I’ve been on that same path – all the while adding elements to better collaborate, serve and inspire others. I’ve been in design (graphic and facility), music (as performer, multi-instrumentalist, producer and songwriter), in communications (internal and marketing), production (videographer, audio, editing and design/install). I’ve been an executive, manager, braintrust collaborator, teammate, confidant, ghost writer and vision caster – all for the same purpose. To bring to life the dreams of others.

Here’s where our paths meet. My life’s purpose is to leverage my experience to bring new life to yours: your business, ministry, your life’s call. Let’s do it, together.